Ricky Ryba

I graduated with a degree in Information Technology (IT) from the US Naval Academy & was stationed on 2 warships in Florida. After deploying twice overseas, I successfully & honorably completed my Naval service. I currently live in LA & I’m pursuing a lifelong career in the Entertainment Industry. I am a SAG-AFTRA member in good standing & recently graduated with a Masters in Fine Arts from the New York Film Academy. As an actor & producer, I absolutely love to create! I’m currently developing 2 feature film projects. I also find joy in helping others so I do a lot of volunteering with non-profits & charities I’m passionate about. I strongly believe in the medical benefits of cannabis which is why you’ll see me advocate for it at different panels & speaking events throughout CA. Living life with passion has always been my life motto.  

Reach out to me if you’d like to talk about creating something together, the cannabis industry or how we can help the veteran community. 

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