About Ricky

Ricky Ryba (pronounced Ree-ba) is a SAG-AFTRA Actor, Producer, Photographer and a former US Naval Officer.  A few entertainment accomplishments that he is proud of are his supporting role in the highly successful Clint Eastwood film “American Sniper”, his voiceover role on “Pokemon”, his talent performance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, his lead role in the Los Angeles play “The Ghosts of Ma Barker”, and receiving the Best Overall Actor Award at the Global Stars Network four day competition against 200+ other actors. 

In addition to his creative work, Ricky is a committed advocate for the arts and veteran communities.  He helps volunteer with SAG-AFTRA, SAG Foundation, MPTF, PGA, AFI, and Veterans in Media and Entertainment. He created and runs three actor support groups in LA, NYC, and Atlanta to help support good hearted, hard working actors in their career ambitions.  He’s on the board of directors for a non-profit organization called Pin-Ups for Vets, which raises money for hospitalized veterans and deployed soldiers. He also volunteers with the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH) that provides basic horsemanship and riding lessons to military veterans and individuals with special needs.

Ricky was born and raised in New Jersey but also lived in southern California for several years.  He greatly excelled in football, baseball, track, and wrestling; winning numerous conference, league, MVP and State Championship titles.  During his junior year of High School, he decided baseball was no longer enjoyable for him and he was convinced by some friends to try out for the High School Musical. Bravely stepping out of his comfort zone, he shocked everybody by landing the lead role. It was one of the most remarkable experiences of his life at that point, and he realized he had found an incredible new passion. He performed again in the High School Musical the following year and loved every minute of it, but he had to make a really difficult choice on the path he was going to take after high school when the attacks on 9/11 happened. He felt compelled to serve and protect his country, so when he was accepted to attend the US Naval Academy, he put his entertainment dream on hold. To satisfy his hidden desire to act and perform, he tried out for and made the US Naval Academy Men’s Glee Club, hosted pep rallies, acted in plays, and participated in talent competitions.

He graduated the US Naval Academy with a degree in Information Technology and was commissioned as a US Naval Officer. He was stationed on two warships in Mayport, FL (USS John L Hall FFG-32 and USS Farragut DDG-99). He deployed overseas twice to over 20 countries. He transferred to Point Mugu, CA at a Naval Satellite Operations Center for his final military command so he could also begin chasing his dream of becoming an actor.  Because of his military experience, he understands what it takes to succeed in Hollywood: consistent hard work, training, a belief in oneself and staying focused on the mission.  He honorably completed his military service in 2019 and later received a Masters in Producing (with honors) from the New York Film Academy in 2020.  His great passions in life are spending quality time with his family & friends, being adventurous, laughing and enjoying the small things, creating art, making a positive impact on others, and living life with passion everyday!  He currently resides in Los Angeles.

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